Empire Driver XX 2pc Barrel AC Dust Black .688

$ 64.95
The Empire Driver XX 2pc Barrel AC Dust Black .688 is a great choice when it comes to upgrading your stock marker barrel. The long 7.5 inch control bore provides more stability during the early flight of the paintball giving you more accuracy and consistency. As an added bonus, the back section of the barrel is compatible with Empire Pipe barrel backs giving you the option of matching your barrel to the ball diameter for added accuracy and efficiency.

  • Outstanding barrel performance
  • Two piece barrel with standard Bore size .688
  • 7.5” Control bore  and spiral porting for excellent ball on ball accuracy
  • Cross compatible with Pipe barrel backs
  • Pipe Backs available in sizes .678, .683, .693
  • 14-inch overall length 
  • Autococker threads