Inception Designs WGP Pivot Frame with A/T Matte Black

$ 137.99
This is an Inception frame with full auto trigger capability available in 45 style or 86 degree designs. It has no three way slot so it is just for pump guns. It is available as a base frame with no internals (and can then be used to upgrade an Empire Sniper) or with all the parts necessary to put it onto an Inception, Empire or WGP Sniper.

The frame is available with matte black anodizing ready for immediate use or as a raw frame for custom anodizing. Anodized frames come assembled. Raw frames come as parts. For help or instructions on how to assemble a frame please visit

These frames will allow the use of an auto trigger when installed on a pump gun. You don't have to use the auto trigger parts, but it will leave a hole in the frame if they are removed where the cam was located.

These frames can come with all of our upgraded internals including our adjustable Mamba trigger, roller sear and more!

This frame will come without internals unless you select to have them included.