Styer M9-A1 GNB Black CO2 Airsoft Pistol

$ 80.99

The Steyr M9-A1 is a very unique pistol. Externally, the slide are frame are made out of a polymer material to decrease weight while maintaining durability. Operated by a 12g CO2 Cartridge, the internals are very strong to handle the increased output. Although the slide is non reciprocating, the gun provides a high velocity output. The lower frame of the gun features a rail system which is perfect for mounting accessories such as a flashlight or laser. The pistol grip of the gun is much more ergonomic to the shooter which will decrease player fatigue leading to more accurate shots.


  • Licensed Trademarks
  • Polymer Design
  • High Muzzle Velocity
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip
  • Lower Frame