Style Supply Flash Cleats - Black/Red

$ 89.95 $ 49.99

The S2 – KM double label Flash is a collaboration between Style Supply and KM and has been in the testing phase for almost 2 years.

We wanted to make sure to get only the best and most durable product out to our customers. The Flash is used by some of the best players in the game.

We made this shoe with three things in mind, Comfort, Grip and little Weight. 

The Flash feels better than any other Paintball Cleat out there and treats your feet they way they deserve it.

The sturdy sole allows you to play on any surface and will keep your arch in form and avoid pain in your feet, thighs and lower legs. We promise you the comfort you have dreamed of.

The Flash features 11 exchangeable Spikes per Shoe which means more Grip than you would ever need and allows you to find your perfect setup. The profile of the sole alone will stop you from slipping around and the spikes allow you to fine tune your gripping needs.

We kept the weight as low as possible and made sure that the Flash supports you and makes you a better and faster player and allows rapid acceleration and stops.



  • Durable
  • Strap for extra support
  • Super Light
  • exchangeable cleats for grass and turf


  • 3 sets of spikes, 1 for grass, two for turf
  • extra laces
  • highend T-tool
  • Shoebag